55- Sewing Tutorial – Create your own buttons

Don’t throw away anything and keeps as many small bits as possible, all of them can be exploited. A 4 cm diameter disk can be used to decorate a covered button. The kit is pretty expensive. On the plastic mould, put the fabric disk and the first part of the button.   With the pusher, […]

51 – Sewing Tutorial – Smart Scratch Belt

This scratch belt is smart. It was created by an upcycling amateur and adapts to changing waists, which is ideal for pregnant women. When small bits of fabric are left, you can utilize them by associating them to more basic fabric, and end up with something really fancy. Here, the kimono fabric is both on […]

44 – Sewing Tutorial for a scarf

A scarf is often at the top of some Christmas lists. You only need two stripes of fabric: one from the upper layer of a kimono and one from the lining would be ideal. It is an opportunity for the discarded leftovers from bigger works to acquire a second life.   1- Cut two stripes […]

41 – Sewing Tutorial – Kimono curtains – how to embellish your Ikea bookcases

I had two kimonos in cotton, slightly stained in some places, and I did not know what to do with them. Then, my Ikea bookshelves arrived, practical but plain and not very zen with everything I put inside. So, I told myself, that I, weak woman, who does not know much about DIY, should set […]

36 – Obi, filling the gaps between the curtains

The obi (帯) is a belt that is used to tie a kimono. It must be in harmony withit and at the same time, some are not plain, very elaborate and filled with golden patterns. I do not know how to tie an obi yet. It’s quite an art. In the meantime, I have used […]

32 – Sewing Tutorial – Veiling a staircase

This staircase, that is to say all the mess it shelters, has been wide-open for years. We thought of building a made-to-measure furniture, but it was too expensive. Then, suddenly, an idea came up. It was simple but brilliant. Why not setting up a curtain? The curtains sold in the shops were not fit as […]

25 – Furniture curtains

Kimono patches are perfect to add some stylishness to a piece of furniture recovered from the bin. You can use the pattern provided by haberdasher’s shop, Clover. It is very simple to apply. Or else, you can combine several bands together. The height amounts to the sum of: The height of the space to cover […]

20- TIPS AND HINTS – Adding a belt from the inside or the outside

In article 18 “Dress n.1 — making a dress little by little“, I have shown how to add a belt attached to the inside of the dress. An independent “external” belt could seem easier to make for the beginners but the visual effects are different.   Here, I have attached one loop only above the […]

15- Sewing Tutorial – Watch Strap

Today, we will see how we can bring a watch up to date, Rich and Gone Broke style, without spending a fortune.   1. First, remove the former strap of your watch. 2. Measure the breadth of the dial so as to determine the one you need for the fabric of your new strap. Here […]

14- A hairband to go with your dress

The patches of kimono can be exploited, even the smallest. So I have customised a metal hairband not really exciting into something a little less boring. To make that, you need: – preferably a metal hairband (which is more solid than plastic), – glue for fabric (to use only to stick the ends together), – […]