55- Sewing Tutorial – Create your own buttons

Don’t throw away anything and keeps as many small bits as possible, all of them can be exploited. A 4 cm diameter disk can be used to decorate a covered button. The kit is pretty expensive. On the plastic mould, put the fabric disk and the first part of the button.   With the pusher, […]

54 – Sewing Tutorial – Heidi Style Dress

I made this dress thinking of apron-like dresses. A friend of mine told me it looked more like an dress belonging to Heidi of the Alps. SIZES M to L (10 to 12)– The dress is worn tight at the top and ample below the chest. It is composed of three kinds of silk fabric: […]

53- Sewing Tutorial – “Jane Austen” Dress Pink Skirt and Flower Top

I made this very pink dress with a longing for the French Second Empire dresses and the world of Jane Austen. SIZES 10 TO 12 / S TO M  – The dress is worn tight at the top, and rather ample at the bottom. This dress is composed of two kinds of silk fabric: for […]

52- Sewing Tutorial – Cape Dress with vase painting in the middle

A cape-overcoat inspired me to design this cape dress. It makes me think of a flying squirrel.   1- THE TRUNK SIZES S TO XL – 8 TO 14 – The dress is worn ample. The main part, the trunk, is composed of two kinds of fabric in silk: an orange one (3 panels of […]

51 – Sewing Tutorial – Smart Scratch Belt

This scratch belt is smart. It was created by an upcycling amateur and adapts to changing waists, which is ideal for pregnant women. When small bits of fabric are left, you can utilize them by associating them to more basic fabric, and end up with something really fancy. Here, the kimono fabric is both on […]

50 – Sewing Tutorial – Upcycled kimono bird dress

I have made this dress for my mum’s birthday. The bird is magnificent and I wanted to show it off. The delicate character of the pattern in the background has enabled to support the grandeur of the bird. The rest of the kimono fabric should yield two more dresses and they will be nice and […]

49 – Yayoi Kusama or the art of evasion

Yayoi Kusama is a tormented artist that has chosen to live in a psychiatric hospital. She is famous for her collaborations with Peter Gabriel and Louis Vuitton. At 88, her exhibitions are still inhabited with new luscious artworks that enable the viewers to escape. Her otherworliness is both sparkling and overwhelming. Her exhibition ‘Infinity Mirrors’ […]

48 – Sewing Tutorial – Patchwork dress with kimono silk

  This dress is composed of fabric strips that were left from a kimono I had almost used up. The front and the back consist of strips of different width. On each side, one long strip (18 cm wide) covers the front and the back. At the center, two smaller strips (18 cm and 9 […]

47 – Sewing Tutorial – Large top with cleavage made from sleeves

    This kind of top is rather large and can fit someone with a size between the French sizes 38 and 44. The sewing allowance  (the space between the edge of the fabric and the sewing) is narrow: 0.5 cm. For a tighter effect, enlarge it.   Fold two pieces of kimono sleeves of […]

46 – Japanese fashion about to be uniqlo-rized?

Harajuku – THE source of Japanese fashion – where fashion is a disappearing art ? This is what Quartz is hinting at in “Japan’s wild, creative Harajuku street style is dead. Long live Uniqlo “. This page is also a gold mine to understand the trends in Harajuku. It is also an occasion to view […]