49 – Yayoi Kusama or the art of evasion

Yayoi Kusama is a tormented artist that has chosen to live in a psychiatric hospital. She is famous for her collaborations with Peter Gabriel and Louis Vuitton. At 88, her exhibitions are still inhabited with new luscious artworks that enable the viewers to escape. Her otherworliness is both sparkling and overwhelming. Her exhibition ‘Infinity Mirrors’ […]

46 – Japanese fashion about to be uniqlo-rized?

Harajuku – THE source of Japanese fashion – where fashion is a disappearing art ? This is what Quartz is hinting at in “Japan’s wild, creative Harajuku street style is dead. Long live Uniqlo “. This page is also a gold mine to understand the trends in Harajuku. It is also an occasion to view […]

43 – Kimono exhibition at the Guimet Museum in Paris

For those who have the chance to be in Paris between 22nd February to 22nd May, you can feast your eyes on a kimono exhibition at the Guimet Museum of Asiatic arts in Paris. 150 kimonos have been imported straight from the collection of the Matsuzakaya fashion house. Their range is wide. They were created […]

42 – Authentic + delicious Japanese cooking blog – deadly easy

Recently, I have been fascinated by a Japanese cooking blog: JUSTONECOOKBOOK  Everything seems sooo easy when you watch the videos. They are clear, performed like a good waltz. I have applied 6, 7 recipes, and I am pretty proud of them. They are rather close to the Japanese taste. Of course making them requires some […]

40- Making a Flower pendant in chirimen

Here is a great tutorial to make a flower pendant from chirimen. On Rakuten, you can find the polystyrene flower. But they do not ship abroad…. You can view other tutorials on the youtube page.  If you are inspired, you can use soft kimono fabric to create objects with padding instead of polystyrene.

39 – Chirimen Zaikukan, the Chirimen Craft Museum

Founded in Kyoto, here is the Chirimen Zaikukan or the Chirimen Craft Museum…. This is not a museum but a shop, that celebrates chirimen craft. The chirimen is some crimp fabric, originally made out of silk. But nowadays, most of the chirimen are made in polyester or viscose. Here, your can admire some works sold […]

38 – Asiatic Knots with a pendant

The tradition of the Asiatic knots comes from China, and it spread to Japan and Korea,  where it is known under the name “Maedup”. Below you can see some simple versions that the Japanese people are keen to combine with ceramic beads, they hang them to their mobiles or bags.   Source   As for […]

37 – Kimonos @ The Victoria and Albert Museum website

The Victoria and Albert Museum has dedicated a page on the history of kimonos. © V&A Images. All Rights Reserved © V&A Images. All Rights Reserved A book about kimono patterns has beside already been published: V&A Pattern Kimono. But what I find most staggering is this page that catologs their kimonos, classified according to […]

33 – Dorama- 篤姫 Atsu Hime, Princess Atsu

Atsu Hime (篤姫), Princess Atsu, is a Taiga dorama (long historical TV series) of 50 episodes that was broadcast on NHK in 2008. Copyright NHK It tells the romanticised story of Okatsu, a young girl from Satsuma province. Okatsu was adopted to be married to the 13th shogun. Named Atsu Hime after her wedding, she […]

29- Jika Tabi – Cool Ninja shoes

The jika tabis (地下足袋) were invented in the 20th century from the tabis (white socks that you slip into getas, traditional sandals). (c)SOU・SOU Jika tabis have usually been put on by builders, gardeners, and a variant, matsuri tabi, is very popular in the festivals. But the use has spread to ordinary people and some shops […]