This scratch belt is smart. It was created by an upcycling amateur and adapts to changing waists, which is ideal for pregnant women.

When small bits of fabric are left, you can utilize them by associating them to more basic fabric, and end up with something really fancy.

Here, the kimono fabric is both on the front and back side. If by chance you have polyester lining hanging about, you could use it to save some more noble kimono fabric.

Advice from the designer: ” The belt, was dead easy : a band folded in two, the stitches have been covered by a ribbon, and big scratch tapes at the ends, (so it could fit my ever-evolving circumference…)”

To upgrade it (but I find it pretty and easy to make for beginners), she suggest to enlarge it at the front, and make it smaller at the back.

At there, you could cut it diagonally.


This belt made me think of the hakamas, trousers worn for martial arts and the teachers at the beginning of last century.

If you add a hard plate at the back just like for the hakamas, and knot the belt at the front, it would be soothing for the pregnant women and people like me with an aching back.

The hakama plate acts like a soft corset on me, it helps me stand straight and my back hurts less.


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