A scarf is often at the top of some Christmas lists.

You only need two stripes of fabric: one from the upper layer of a kimono and one from the lining would be ideal.

It is an opportunity for the discarded leftovers from bigger works to acquire a second life.


1- Cut two stripes of the same size.

2- Put the right side of each stripe upon one another.



3- Sew along the length of the wrong side, then on the opposite side.

OR all along except one side if the scarf is large enough to be reversed easily.



4- If you chose to stitch the three sides instead of two, cut the extra fabric on the corners.


5- Reverse the fabric so the right side can be visible.



6- Iron.

7- Fold the end, the side that has not been sewn, inside the tube, about 1 cm.


8- Do likewise on the opposite side if you did not stitch it.

I have used two kinds of thread for the last step : a glittering thread and a basic polyester thread of the same hue as the fabric. Beyond the artistic touch, this alliance is more economical and strengthens the stitching.


Here is the final shape:



Well, the scarf is a bit limited… I did not have enough fabric….

If you decide to make a scarf without lining, the following technique is perferct for a light scarf that will not consume too much fabric.

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