I had two kimonos in cotton, slightly stained in some places, and I did not know what to do with them. Then, my Ikea bookshelves arrived, practical but plain and not very zen with everything I put inside.

So, I told myself, that I, weak woman, who does not know much about DIY, should set up kimono curtains and their rods.




The setting-up of the rod:

The good advice of a salesman at Leroy Merlin (a French DIY store) encouraged me not to buy some rods that did not require any nail. Too expensive and fragile for what I wanted. Better to opt for a solid and cheaper solution: setting up a wooden rod.

Upon his advice, I bought the least expensive bar. I sawed according to the width of the bookshelves, minus 1.5-2 centimetres that amount to the space occupied by the bar supports.

You may cut off too much. Do not worry! You just need to add a disc of the bar, which will diminish the bar-support space.


The screws are provided with the supports I bought. You can take advantage of the holes incorporated on the side of the bookshelves to drive the screw into the support and the bookshelf.

If you do not have this opportunity, hammer the screw to dig a hole for the support.

Then, put the support on the hole and screw.



The making of the curtains:

There are some examples of curtain making in two previous articles: Furniture curtains and Veiling a staircase.




A big space to insert the rod:



When I prepared the fabric before sewing, I left a few more centimeters for the width and height. So the curtains would not be stiff and short.




To give the fabric a better appearance, at one centimetre from the edge, I stitched a horizontal line from left to right.





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