Upcycled kimono –

What can you make when you have loads of small patches sleeping in your cupboard?

A marguerite.

recuperation-de-chute-marguerite-1-1000x833 recuperation-des-chutes-marguerite-2-833x1000


The “marguerite” is the name given to the bolero by the Japanese people.

This model is composed of the last patches of a silk kimono. I have used most of the fabric to make a long dress along with a scarf, so not much fabric was left. I have placed the fittest-to-be-seen patch in the front.


recuperation-des-chutes-marguerite-4-1000x833 recuperation-des-chutes-marguerite-3-1000x833


But it was not sufficient so I have used smaller patches and the lining of the same kimono. If you iron well the reverse of this patchwork, you should not notice the little patches so much.

What I like in a marguerite is that it is multi-purpose: it can be worn as a kind of sweat shirt but also as a cardigan, thanks to the opening at the collar level that closes with press studs.

recuperation-des-chutes-marguerite-5-1000x833 recuperation-des-chutes-marguerite-6-833x1000


The pattern is taken from pages 44 and 45 of one of my favourite books by Minako Hayama ( Ima kitai fuku ga tsukureru kimono rimeiku sutairu bukku )



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