Kimono patches are perfect to add some stylishness to a piece of furniture recovered from the bin.Ameublement-rideaux-cache-meuble-1

You can use the pattern provided by haberdasher’s shop, Clover. It is very simple to apply.

Or else, you can combine several bands together.

The height amounts to the sum of:

The height of the space to cover + 2 cm minimum to close the hemline of the curtain + the diametre of the bar that will hold the curtain + at least 5 cm more.

For the width:

add to the basic width of the space to cover at least 10 extra centimeters so the curtains will not be too stiff and rigid.


1- Ameublement-rideaux-cache-meuble-2

2- Ameublement-rideaux-cache-meuble-3

For the first curtain, I started from the middle by sewing the two bands together.

I folded and stitched the edges on the left and right, then the top and the hemline of the rectangle.


3- Ameublement-rideaux-cache-meuble-4

4- Ameublement-rideaux-cache-meuble-5

Afterwards, I have folded the top to make a 7-cm-thick band. I stitched the bottom of the band.

If you do not lack fabric, adding some ‘extravagance’ will not hurt, stitch an inner horizontal line on the top of the band (0.5 cm from the edge)


5- Ameublement-rideaux-cache-meuble-6

As for the set up of the rod, even if you are not a DIY fan, you can do it.

First, you need to hollow a small hole into each end of the furniture top by hammering a nail or screw. This will help drive the nail that will hold the rod.

Drive a screw with a screwdriver into one hole.



7- Ameublement-rideaux-cache-meuble-7

Slip the curtains into the rod. Then, with a screwdriver, drive the screw into the second hole and the rod (available in kit in any DIY shop).


8- Ameublement-rideaux-cache-meuble-8


However, the use of an electric screwdriver is definitely more efficient, for people like me who have some limited strength.




9- Ameublement-rideaux-cache-meuble-1

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