What is more annoying than your bra straps fleeing the hollow of your shoulders? You keep putting them back in place, but they won’t stay put.

Holding them back is possible and some dresses deserve the time-investment.


Vêtement-upcyclé-11-14  Vetement-upcycle-11-15-768x922


Under this ribbon, you can wedge your bra strap. This ribbon turns around the dress strap.

You will need two press studs to keep the ribbons and straps in place.

a.Sew the base of the stud on the upside of the ribbon, on the part which is in contact with the dress strap. (see the top of picture 2)

b.Then, sew the other half of the stud, on the reverse of the ribbon, with a half-centimetre of the upside a little folded underneath. (see the bottom of picture 2)

c. Stitch only the tip which contains the first half of the stud on the reverse of the strap (be careful: not the upside).

To understand better, here is how you undo the bra-wedger from the reserse of the dress:

1.   Vetement-upcycle-11-3-768x640



2.   vetement-upcycle-11-4-1000x833


3. Vêtement-upcyclé-11-5


Put back the ribbon, on the upside. Same movement but with a view from the upside:

4.          Vêtement-upcyclé-11-6



Wrap it around.

5.  Vêtement-upcyclé-11-7


Press the stud.



Ready to wedge!

7. Vetement-upcycle-11-15


The dress pattern is taken from  pages 28 and 79 of the book by Minako Hayama, Jitsubutsudai katagami kimono rimeiku bukku.

Jitsubutsudai katagami kimono rimeiku bukku



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