Today, we will see how we can bring a watch up to date, Rich and Gone Broke style, without spending a fortune.



1. First, remove the former strap of your watch.


2. Measure the breadth of the dial so as to determine the one you need for the fabric of your new strap. Here the dial is 2.8 cm large.



3. Fold in two a piece of fabric. It will be 2.8 cm (breadth of the dial) plus a few more millimetres.



4. Hold the fabric in place with wonder clips to stop the fabric from moving and cut off the band.

The band needs to be long enough to tie the strap around the wrist easily.




5. To gain time and vary the accessories, put this band over another piece of fabric, with the help of wonder clips.

And cut a band with the same dimensions. This will avoid doing the previous operations one more time.


6. Put the ruler beneath the band so as to make sure that the breadth of the watch is respected.

Fold the fabric on either side one more time. Then, again, but only on one side.


Bracelet-de-montre-9     Bracelet-de-montre-10


7. To maintain the fold, place some dressmaker pins on the breadth, all along the center.

After putting inside the extreme tip of strap with a seam ripper, stitch the tip then all along the fold in the middle of the strap.

At last, stop a few millimetres before reaching the other tip. Put the tip inside the band with a seam ripper. Stitch along the edge.


Bracelet-de-montre-12      Bracelet-de-montre-14

8. Slip the strap under the dial and tie.

Bracelet-de-montre-23      Bracelet-de-montre-24     Bracelet-de-montre-25


9. You also have the option of sewing on the edge of the band, instead of the middle.

Fold as shown on the photos. And wedge with dressmaker pins.


Bracelet-de-montre-17  Bracelet-de-montre-18




10.  Shape a sharp tip and insert the fabric inside the strap with a seam ripper.


Bracelet-de-montre-21          Bracelet-de-montre-22


11. Sew along the band.

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