The patches of kimono can be exploited, even the smallest. So I have customised a metal hairband not really exciting into something a little less boring.


To make that, you need:

– preferably a metal hairband (which is more solid than plastic),

– glue for fabric (to use only to stick the ends together),

– a long band of fabric (about 2 cm large and 110 cm long, but always plan more in case…). One side of the patch will be the edge that has not been cut, so it won’t fray.




1.BEFORE CUTTING: Test the band by turning it all around the hairband, so you can make sure it is long enough to cover it entirely.

Put the glue over 2 cm at the back of the tip of the band.



2. Then, to make sure it holds well, put glue on the tip one more time.

Fold the band as shown on the pictures. If needed, add more glue.


       Serre-tête-3  Serre-tête-5


3. Place the band in front of you. Then, turn it tightly around the hairband.

Trap to avoid: See to it that the side the band, which is not cut, be always visible and turned to the bottom, and not the other side that may fray if not covered.


Serre-tête-6         Serre-tête-7

4. Turn tightly up to the end.

Serre-tête-8          Serre-tête-9


Serre-tête-10         Serre-tête-11


5. When you reach the end, put some glue on the tip of the hairband.

Cover the tip with half of the band. (so about 1 cm)

Put more glue while pressing fabric and hairband together.

Cut off the useless part of the band.


Serre-tête-12        Serre-tête-13

6. After adding glue, cut one more time, while holding fabric and hairband together. Let it rest for the night.

That was a piece of cake..



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