Here is one of my first dresses. The pattern is taken from one of my favourite books by Minako Hayama (Ima kitai fuku ga tsukureru kimono rimeiku sutairu bukku @ Yesasia for 16€  – on Etsy for 21€ without the shipping fee).



Apart from the straps and the band that covers the bottom, this dress is composed of 4 panels: 2 x 36 cm large panels in the center at the front and at the back, then 2 other 36 cm  large panels that are less high for each side. The panel of a kimono is usually 36 cm large so you do not need to cut your fabric.

 Option: To save fabric, you could join two halves of a kimono panel, especially for the panels on the side, because the possible interval between the design of the two pieces of fabric will be less noticed.

 The front is simple. The chest is not too tight but it can be emphasized by the elastic bands near the underarms.

Other ++ : you can enjoy a certain liberty of movement, and your legs are enhanced.






The elastic band  (not sewn, just slipped ) enables you to diminish the potato-effect of the fabric, on the side.



The bottom – fold the fabric on the side, slightly, to create a puffed effect.

Then, recover the bottom neatly with a band made out of the fabric. It is economical and discrete, even better than a bias tape!


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