Even if you do not master Japanese all the books of my selection offer attractive designs that can be understood if you know a few basics in sewing. You can order them via Yesasia (50% more expensive than the Japanese amazon, but for many destinations, the shipping fee is free for orders over 35€) or you can also go the Japanese bookshop in Paris, Junku, Etsy or the Japanese amazon for an extra shipping fee.


I have classified those sewing books out of their degree of difficulty: mostly from the easiest to the trickiest. Those books are treasure mines. They enabled me to make some beautiful dresses come true. A few years ago, sewing seemed to me an impossible task. With some of those books even the beginners can achieve their own dresses!

At the beginning, it took time. The use of the sewing machine was a real ordeal to me but after some hours of desperation and joy,  I was less fearful of handling it.

Book Selection 1. Creating dresses in a straight cut and very quickly 

Book-1-transformé Massugu tenuide kantan kimono rimeiku

Original title: まっすぐ手ぬいでかんたんきものリメイク

Author: Emiko Takahashi

Language: Japanese

Degree of difficulty: Easy

Opinion: Very easy, straight cut.Drawing the pattern is not necessary. The explanations are clear.

ISBN-13: 978-4834736656

Where to buy: YesasiaEtsyAmazon

Book Selection 2. Creating smart dresses and outfits

Book-2-transformé Kimonoji de rimeiku

Original title: 着物地でリメイク

Author: Hatsune Sato

Language: Japanese

Degree of difficulty:  Average

Opinion: Easy. Pleasant and modern shapes, very feminine and comfortable.

ISBN-13: 978-4579114450

Where to buy: YesasiaEtsy – Amazon

Book Selection 3. Creating trousers and skirts

Book-3-transformé Katagami irazuni no kimonorimeiku – pantsu to sukaato

Original title: 型紙いらずにの着物リメイクー パンツとスカート

Author: Junko Matsushita

Language: Japanese

Degree of difficulty: Rather easy

Opinion: Nice loose trousers and skirts, for men, women and children.

ISBN-13: 978-4309283593

Where to buy:YesasiaEtsy – Amazon

 Book Selection 4. Creating simple dresses

Book-4-transformé Kimonoji de beppin fuku o dôzo

Original title: 着物地でべっぴん服をどうぞ

Author: Konbu IsakoLanguage: Japanese

Degree of difficulty: Average

Opinion: Some cuts are nice, feminine and comfortable.

ISBN : 9784579114559

Where to buy: YesasiaEtsy – Amazon  – Junku

Book Selection 5. Create sophiscated dresses and coats

Book-5-transformé Ima kitai fuku ga tsukureru kimono rimeiku sutairu bukku

Titre original: 今着たい服が作れる着物
Author: Minako Hayama

Language: Japanese

Degree of difficulty: Average   Sometimes high

Opinion: My favourite one for contemporary and stylish clothes with some inspired by the sixties.

Rather comprehensive, but to create something you cannot avoid drawing the pattern. Other books by the author are worth exploring.

ISBN-13: 978-4522426821

Where to buy: YesasiaEtsy – Amazon

Book Selection 6. Creating shirts and tunics

Book-6-transformé Suzuyakana kimono rimeiku

Original title: 涼やかな、着物リメイク

Author: Miki Fujitsuka

Language: Japanese

Degree of difficulty: High

Opinion: A classic and cute style, ideal for  summer clothes. Shirts, and tunics mainly.

ISBN-13: 978-4529051996

Where to buy: YesasiaEtsy – Amazon

Book Selection 7.Creating objects for your interior

book_img7-202x250 Wabu no interia komono

Original title: 和布のインテリア小物

Language: Japanese

Degree of difficulty:Average

Opinion: Small and convenient objects. Easy to create for your everyday needs.


Where to buy: Amazon

Book Selection 8. Recover offcuts to turn them into sandals

book_img8-200x250 Minna de tanoshimu nuno zouri

Original title:みんなで楽しむ布ぞうり

Language: Japanese

Degree of difficulty: Average

Opinon: Ideal to create original sandals or slippers from the remnants of your kimonos.

ISBN-13: 978-4529044363

Where to buy: Amazon

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