Over the past years, kimonos have been a great source of inspiration for many designers. Isabelle Marant has created a kimono-shaped jacket. Gucci has designed kimono-styled dresses or suede jackets. Marni made a dress of which designs and shapes are close to those of a kimono.



No need to be a sewing afficionado to create a piece of clothes! You can indeed create your own straight cut dress from a michiyuki (a large jacket that one wears on top of a kimono to protest it, some models are sold here).



It took me only 2 hours to make this dress.

Michiyuki-noir-recousu-en-partie-discrètement-5           Michiyuki-noir-recousu-en-partie-discrètement-4

First, I unpicked both sleeves with a seam ripper. Then, I folded in the edges of the dress that used to be in contact with the sleeves. I preferred sewing with my hands because I did not feel skilled enough to sew such a particular part with a sewing machine. Then, the advantage was the snitches were barely visible.




A michiyuki enables you to create a modern-looking dress, in which there is a pocket-slit in the middle, big enough to secure a large mobile or a wallet.










With the leftovers, the two sleeves, you can make a small bag and an M/S size top.

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